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Flaking and Powdering: Concrete/Masonry
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The surface appears to be flaking/powdering or there is discoloration within one year after new paint job.

  • It is possible improper paint may have been used.
  • The surface was cleaned with an acidic solution and not properly rinsed prior to coating.
  • Excessive moisture without adequate venting or evidence of a design flaw of structure.
  • The pH level was too high in the masonry.
  • The material was over thinned.
  • Use the correct grade / quality coating for the situation.
  • After any acid cleaning, always use a neutralizing rinse of Tri-Sodium Phosphate and water.
  • Eliminate the source of moisture.
Strip the surface, clean the surface, prime & top-coat.

Courtesy of The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute

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