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Extended Dry Time
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The coating remains tacky or sticky beyond the normal drying time.

  • There is grease, wax or polish or other contaminant on the surface.
  • The surface was not cleaned properly.
  • There was poor ventilation.
  • There was extreme heat, cold and/or humidity.
  • The coating was applied too thick.
  • Excess linseed oil in coating.
  • Excess colorant in paint.
  • The finish coat was applied before the previous coat dried.
  • Make sure to use proper surface preparation.
  • Provide adequate ventilation.
  • Do not add more linseed oil and/or colorant than product is recommended.
  • Apply the correct mil thickness.
  • Allow the previous coat(s) to dry thoroughly prior to recoating.
Use adequate ventilation (i.e. fans, open windows). If the coating fails to dry, remove the coating, clean surface and recoat.