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Bubbles and Craters
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Small bubbles appear in the dried coating, including those that have broken to form craters.

Air is being trapped in the coating due to one of the following:
  • The coating is too thick.
  • There is air is trapped in brush or roller, possibly by applying the material too fast.
  • The coating was mixed or agitated too much.
  • Application was performed at elevated temperatures.
  • Using external heat to encourage faster dry times.
  • Painting over a porous surface.

  • Use the proper solvent to thin coating.
  • Manually stir the product versus shaking the material when mixing.
  • Remove excess paint from the brush or roller.
  • Air, substrate, and paint temperature should be between 50F and 90F unless otherwise stated.
During application and before setup, burst bubbles with tip of brush. After partial setup, apply a wash coat of thinner or water (depending on product type). After setup, allow surface to dry, then spot sand, feather, & touchup.

Courtesy of The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute

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