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Flow and Leveling: Ropes, Pulls, Lap Marks and Stipple
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Uneven marks or undesirable patterns from the brush or roller appear on dry paint.

  • Improper paint consistency.
  • There was too little material applied to the surface.
  • Improper painting technique.
  • Poor quality brushes or rollers were used.
  • The substrate was too hot.
  • The coating was too cold.
  • There was insufficient drying time between coats.
  • There was a contamination of the surface.
  • Make sure to apply full coat at correct coverage.
  • Air, substrate, and paint temperature should be between 50F and 90F unless otherwise stated.
  • Be sure to use a primer/sealer when necessary and allow adequate cure time between coats.
  • Properly agitate the coating before application.
  • Use the recommended application technique.
Allow to dry, sand smooth, and repaint.


Courtesy of The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute

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